This page is a tribute to the memory of our sweet Chicklet. She had her own personality,
full of quirks and such, but she was a sweet and loving cat, whose heart was full of love for her people.
As one who knew her, raised her from a kitten, and lived with her for the first
eight years of her life, she was my sunshine, my joy, and one of the best cats I have ever owned.

I certainly owe a debt of thanks to my dear friends, Travis & Tawnya, who took her when I was unable
to keep her, due to circumstances beyond my control. They adopted her, not only into
their home, but into their hearts, and she was forever after, their special kitty.
She loved them both, but Travis held a very special place in her kitty heart,
as you will see by some of these photos.

In the spring of 2010, I was blessed to get to meet up with Tawnya and Chicklet,
for what would be my last time to see her on this earth. She is and was a very
special kitty, and one who will be close to my heart as one of my very favorite kitties who
has ever graced my life. I’m so grateful and thankful to Travis & Tawnya
(and Tahnee, too) for taking care of her and loving her so much and for giving their hearts to her.
Thank you, Tawnya, for devoting hours of research to find remedies for her when she was sick,
and for nursing her back to health so many times. I have no doubt that those were the
better years of her life - the time she spent with them, after she left my care.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures that were taken of Chicklet over the years.
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Chicklet’s First Page

First pictures of Chicklet

More pictures of Chicklet, page 1

More pictures of Chicklet, page 2

Last pictures I took of her in Durant

Chicklet in Sherman, page 1

Chicklet in Sherman, page 2

Right after Chicklet and I moved to Sherman - June 2006

Chicklet (and dad) Nov-Dec. 2006

This album has a few pics of Chicklet - this was Nov-Dec 2006, as well

Chicklet (and Kiwi) - March 2007

Chicklet, April, 2007

Chicklet (and mostly Kiwi) July 2007

A visit with Chicklet after she went to live with Travis & Tawnya

Some of Tawnya's photos of Chicklet - from the past few months

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